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The principle of automatic hosiery machine

Socks are a necessity in most people's lives. You need them for your feet and they keep you warm and comfortable. Automatic socks knitting machines can help you save time, increase production efficiency and improve product quality. The best automatic hosiery machine will meet your needs with ease while ensuring the highest degree of quality control.
The automatic hosiery machine is divided into three main categories depending on its size and use. The smaller, more compact machines are generally used in small factories where the production capacity is limited. They are suitable for producing a small number of socks per hour, often 20 or 30 pairs per hour. These machines can be used for all types of socks including high-quality ones made from fine yarns such as silk or cashmere wool.
The larger, more powerful models are usually used in industrial settings where they produce several thousands of pairs per day and may have an output capacity up to 3000 pairs per hour (or even more). They allow you to produce any type of sock: flat toe style with heel height adjustment function; fitted leg style with dual seamed heel area; elasticized thigh part construction with built-in stretch material inside the fabric; double stitched bottom hemline seaming technology which provides better durability for longer life cycle times
Automatic socks knitting machine can produce various kinds of socks according to customer requirements. Customers can choose from a variety of socks, such as cotton, polyester and acrylic to meet their different needs. Socks made by the automatic sock machine are durable enough to last for long periods of time without wearing out or tearing apart easily. The production process is simple and easy to understand so that no technical knowledge is needed in order for you to operate this machine yourself!
The sock knitting machine will save time and increase production efficiency and improve product quality
The sock knitting machine can produce socks of different sizes, thicknesses and colors. It is very suitable for producing socks with different styles and patterns.
The socks produced by the automatic hosiery machine are more durable than those made by hand-knitting machines because they have no loose threads or knots caused by human error during operation. The automatic hosiery machine also reduces labor costs because it requires no operator assistance during operation; therefore there will be zero downtime due to maintenance or repair needs.

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