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How to maintain socks knitting machine?

Keeping your socks knitting machine clean is just one of many ways to improve its performance over time. With so many different types of socks knitting machines on the market, we understand that it can be tricky to know how to properly care for and maintain them.
While there are some basic guidelines that apply across all types, each machine has its own unique characteristics that you'll want to take into account when caring for it.
If you're new to sock knitting machines or just need a refresher course on how best to take care of yours, here are some tips:
Make sure you know how your machine works before using it! If something goes wrong during use (like if one of your needles breaks), then not knowing what's going on could lead to further damage or even injury. You'll also be able to troubleshoot any issues more quickly if there aren't any surprises along with them (e.g., "Why isn't my yarn coming through?").
Make sure everything else is ready too--like having plenty of needles at hand in case one breaks while working on an important project; keeping extra yarn close by so that nothing gets held up due solely because one strand ran out unexpectedly mid-way through making something special outta nothing but imagination & determination...and maybe some coffee too :)
Here are some useful tips on general maintenance and cleaning of your socks knitting machine:
Keep your machine clean. Cleaning your socks knitting machine regularly is an important part of maintaining it, as well as preventing clogs and other problems.
Dry out any water that gets into the machine by removing any excess moisture with a towel or cloth before turning on the power again.
To keep your machine in good working order, it’s important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions above all else.
The first rule of maintaining any machine is to follow the manufacturer's instructions above all else. The reason for this is simple: if you have a problem with your knitting machine, the manufacturer will be able to help you much more effectively if they know exactly how it has been maintained and what type of care you have taken with it.
For example, you should only use genuine parts if you need to make any repairs to your machine.
You should never use solvents or other harsh chemicals when cleaning parts of your machine. This can further damage them and cause the problem that you're trying to fix in the first place! Avoid using a scrubbing brush or steel wool as well; they are too abrasive and will scratch up the surface of your socks knitting machine's various components.
If damage occurs, don't operate the socks knitting machine until it has been repaired by an authorized technician.
Only use genuine parts and accessories if you need to make any repairs to your machine.
If you need to contact an authorized technician for any reason, make sure that you have the following information handy before calling them: model number, serial number, part number and problems that are occurring. The technician will use this information to determine if they can help you or not.
Do not use solvents or other harsh chemicals when cleaning parts of your socks knitting machine. Also avoid using a scrubbing brush or steel wool as this can further damage them.
Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the machine instead.
Keep your work area clean and dry at all times to minimize the risk of accidents and to prevent dust build-up on your machine.
Make sure that you always use the correct needles for each type of yarn, because this will ensure that your socks knit well.

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