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Zhejiang Kaiqiang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Zhejiang Kaiqiang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Kaiqiang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D(research and development), design, manufacture, sales and service.The company was founded in 1983 and was formerly known as Shaoxing Keqiao Light Textile Machinery General Factory and We are also a professional China automatic socks knitting machines factory and automatic socks knitting machines manufacturers to provide custom automatic socks knitting machines. We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered. We have a complete quality control system and a testing agency that has been cooperating for many years.


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What is Socks Knitting Machine
A automatic socks knitting machine is a machine used for knitting socks. It typically consists of a series of needles that are operated by a mechanical or electronic system to create the knit fabric for the socks. Some models are designed for use in a factory setting, while others are intended for home use. They can knit various types of socks such as low-gauge, ribbed and terry socks.

Features of Socks Knitting Machine
Automatic socks knitting machines can vary in their features and capabilities, but some common features include:
1.Multiple needles: Most machines have a large number of needles, typically 200-400, that can be used to create various types of knit patterns and designs.
2. Automatic patterning: Some machines are equipped with automatic patterning capabilities, which allow the user to create complex knit designs without having to manually manipulate the needles.
3. Speed control: Many machines have adjustable speed settings, which allow the user to control the speed of the knitting process.
4. Computerized controls: Some machines are equipped with computerized controls that allow the user to input patterns and designs, and to monitor the machine's performance.
5. Automatic toe and heel formation: Some machines have the ability to knit the toe and heel of the socks automatically, which can save time and increase efficiency.
6. Different gauge options: machines can come with different gauge options, which refers to the number of needles per inch. This allows for different thicknesses of knit fabric, depending on the type of sock being made.
7. Automatic yarn feeding: Some machines are equipped with automatic yarn feeding systems, which can help to minimize yarn waste and increase efficiency.
8. Automatic tension control: Some machines have automatic tension control, which ensures that the yarn is tensioned consistently throughout the knitting process, resulting in a more uniform knit fabric.

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