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The operation of the computerized socks knitting machine

A computerized socks knitting machine is a type of industrial knitting machine that is specifically designed to knit socks automatically using a computerized control system. These machines use advanced knitting technology, such as electronic jacquard and intarsia, to create intricate designs and patterns on the socks.
Computerized socks knitting machines typically have a number of features that make them efficient and easy to use. These include automatic yarn feeders, multiple knitting heads, and programmable control systems. The machines are capable of producing a wide range of sock sizes and styles, from basic athletic socks to complex, multi-colored designs.
One of the primary benefits of using a computerized socks knitting machine is increased productivity. These machines can produce socks at a much faster rate than traditional hand-knitting methods, making them ideal for large-scale production. They also require less manual labor, which can help to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

Labor protection glove machine
Product Specification:
specification parameter
Labor insurance series 10G
Power: 600w
voltage: 220v
Output: 350 Pairs
Consumption: 200w
Machine table: 50/A Person
Frequency: 60ZH
Weight: 160KG
Cargo size: 1050×570×1700mm (L×M×H)
Wood dimension: 1070×520×1500mm (L×M×H)
20'FT 40
40'HQ 80

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