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What is the Double cylinder. Automatic socks knitting machine?

Double cylinder socks knitting refers to a type of sock knitting technique that involves the use of a double-cylinder knitting machine. This machine has two cylinders, one inside the other, which allows for the creation of a seamless tube of fabric.
To knit double cylinder socks, the machine operator first sets up the machine by selecting the appropriate yarn and needle size. The yarn is then fed through the machine and the operator begins knitting the sock by creating a long tube of fabric.
As the tube is created, the operator can adjust the tension of the machine to create a tighter or looser knit. Once the tube is long enough, the operator cuts it into individual sock lengths and then finishes the top and toe of each sock.
Double cylinder sock knitting is a popular technique used in the production of high-quality, durable socks. Because the socks are knit in a seamless tube, there are no seams to irritate the wearer's feet or cause discomfort. Additionally, the double-cylinder machine can produce socks quickly and efficiently, making it an ideal choice for commercial sock production.

Double cylinder. Automatic socks knitting machine
Product Specification:
CYLINDER DIAMETER:4inch , 4.50inch
NUMBER OFNEEDLES:4=120N-200N ;4 1/2”=48N-96N
REVOLUTION:4”=280RPM-300RPM ;4 1/2”=200RPM-230RPM
ELECTRIC:3P-AC 220-440V 50/60Hz

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