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What is An Automatic Socks Knitting Machine?

 An automatic socks knitting machine is a specialized machine designed to produce socks automatically. It is capable of producing a large number of socks quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual intervention.
Automatic socks knitting machines typically have a number of needles, ranging from 60 to 200, which are used to knit the yarn into the desired shape and size. The machines may also have multiple feeders, which can be used to introduce different colors or materials into the knitting process.
To operate an automatic socks knitting machine, the operator typically inputs the desired sock pattern into the machine's computer system. The machine then uses this pattern to control the movement of the needles and feeders, creating the sock according to the programmed design.
The use of automatic socks knitting machines has revolutionized the sock manufacturing industry, making it possible to produce high-quality socks at a lower cost and with greater speed and efficiency.

Automatic computerized plated terry socksknitting machine
1.Plated terry Function,having an additional needle selectorin sinker cover
2.Maximum 6 colors in same course(include the main yarn)
maximum 16 colors in one sock (include 3 colors of main yarn)
3.Using automatic oil lubricating system and high sensitive yarnbreaking and needle breaking detector.
4.With UPS, it can save programs when power off
5.Can knit the heels and toes with different colors
6.Can make 3D socks

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