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what is Double cylinder Automatic socks knitting machine

The dual cylinder configuration in a double cylinder automatic socks knitting machine refers to the presence of two cylinders, one inside the other, which work in tandem during the knitting process. Each cylinder contains its set of needles, and they rotate in opposite directions to knit socks efficiently.
Here's how the dual cylinder configuration works
1. Outer Cylinder:
The outer cylinder is the larger of the two cylinders, and it houses a specific number of needles. These needles are arranged in a circular pattern around the circumference of the cylinder. The outer cylinder rotates in one direction during the knitting process.
2. Inner Cylinder:
The inner cylinder is placed inside the outer cylinder and also contains a set of needles. These needles are also arranged in a circular pattern but have a different arrangement compared to the outer cylinder. The inner cylinder rotates in the opposite direction to the outer cylinder during knitting.
3. Knitting Process:
As the machine operates, the outer cylinder and inner cylinder rotate in opposite directions simultaneously. The knitting process involves the manipulation of needles on both cylinders, resulting in the formation of the sock fabric.
4. Jacquard and Color Patterns:
The dual cylinder configuration allows for the creation of intricate jacquard patterns and multicolor designs. By controlling the movement of needles on both cylinders independently, the machine can produce various patterns and color combinations without manual intervention.
5. Enhanced Versatility:
The dual cylinder configuration enhances the machine's versatility, making it suitable for producing a wide range of sock styles, including striped socks, jacquard patterns, argyle designs, and other complex and unique patterns.
6. Efficiency and Speed:
The use of dual cylinders optimizes the knitting process, improving production efficiency and speed. The simultaneous rotation of both cylinders allows for faster knitting, enabling the machine to meet high-volume production demands.
7. Customization:
Operators can easily program the machine to create different patterns and designs based on customer preferences and market trends. The flexibility to switch between various patterns makes the machine ideal for on-demand production and customization.
8. Seamless Knitting:
As mentioned before, many double cylinder automatic socks knitting machines feature seamless knitting technology. This means that the socks are knitted in one continuous piece, ensuring a comfortable and seamless finish.
the dual cylinder configuration in a double cylinder automatic socks knitting machine is a key feature that enables efficient and versatile sock production. By utilizing two cylinders with separate sets of needles, the machine can produce intricate patterns and multicolor designs, providing manufacturers with the ability to create a wide range of stylish and customized socks for the market.

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