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What are the factors that affect the quality of the automatic hosiery machine?

The socks that everyone wears in daily life need to go through the process of the automatic socks knitting machine. For hosiery machine equipment, the key work content is to shape the socks produced by the manufacturer. When customers choose socks, they all see that the packaged socks have a certain shape, which is the function of the automatic socks machine. So, what aspects will affect the quality of socks stereotypes?
When the automatic hosiery machine affects the shaping quality of socks, it is the total number of drying boxes in industrial equipment. If the number of drying boxes is sufficient, the drying effect of the socks will be better, and the shaping effect of the automatic hosiery machine will be better. Of course, in the process of use, it should be noted that the drying temperature should not be too high.
The influencing factors of the automatic hosiery machine on the shaping quality of socks are not only related to the number of drying boxes owned by the equipment itself, but also related to the steam pressure of the equipment itself and the shaping time set by the user. Simply put, the greater the pressure and temperature of the steam released in the device, the easier it is to set the socks. However, users who operate this equipment should pay attention to the drying time corresponding to the corresponding pressure temperature. Avoid accidents.
Naturally, it is not only the factors of industrial equipment that have an impact on the quality of the sock setting of the automatic hosiery machine, but also the quality characteristics of the sock itself are also important factors that determine the quality.

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