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How to Improve the Lubrication Phenomenon of Automatic Hosiery Machine

The production of fully automatic socks knitting machine requires many processes from raw materials entering the factory to finished socks leaving the factory, such as material preparation, weaving, seaming, roller head, coloring, shaping, packaging, etc. Among them, the main equipment used in the weaving and shaping process is the hosiery machine and the shaping machine. These two equipments often cause frequent problems due to improper lubrication, causing losses to the production of the enterprise.
There are many types of automatic hosiery machines, which can be classified into single-needle simple hosiery machines and double-needle hosiery machines according to the classification of needle tubes. According to the organizational structure of socks, it can be divided into jacquard hosiery machines, embroidery hosiery machines, terry hosiery machines, etc. The key lubricating positions of the hosiery machine are the knitting needles, needle beds and lobes.
If the lubrication effect of the fully automatic hosiery machine is not ideal during use, especially after a period of shutdown, the knitting needles and needle tubes will be seriously corroded. If the hosiery machine is operated again, the knitting needles and needle tubes will be further damaged, delaying production progress and increasing costs. .
For the position lubrication of knitting needles and needle beds of automatic hosiery machines, it is recommended to use knitting machine oil such as Yourun knitting machine oil to reasonably reduce the damage of needle tube and cylinder, especially for high speed and fine gauge heavy load; it has Anti-rust performance, resistant to corrosion of various metals; good emulsifying properties, easy to wash, and will not cause problems such as uneven coloring, oil stains, and odor in post-processing. The characteristics of the automatic hosiery machine must be guaranteed, and customers must learn the correct operation process and the correct maintenance and management methods of industrial equipment. After doing this kind of work well, it is possible to ensure that the quality characteristics of the equipment can always have relatively good performance.

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