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Types of sock knitting machine

Like the needles, there are many models of sock knitting machines. According to the different knitting needle distances on the needle bed, there are 4 sock knitting machines with different pitches. The larger the stitch length, the thicker the thread that the sock knitting machine can knit. The fine-pitch sock knitting machine can weave the finest, thin-like wool. This machine can weave fine, lightweight fabrics, and machine weavers usually only become proficient before challenging this type of machine-it is usually not suitable for purchase as a machine for beginners. The standard stitch sock knitting machine (4.5 mm) is the main force in the sock knitting machine. They can weave thinner threads than DK-weight (8 strands) on the market. Normally, bobbins are used on standard stitch sock knitting machines.

The medium stitch sock knitting machine (4.5 mm) is the most suitable sock knitting machine for hand knitters. This machine can handle all kinds of hand-knitted yarns, from sport (4 strands) to worsted (10 strands) including DK weight (8 strands), flat yarn, fancy yarn, mohair and roving. The thick thread sock knitting machine (9 mm) is used to knit those super thick yarns in the hand-knitted thread. Currently there is the silver flute SK155 model. All machines are sturdy and durable. Machines made of metal generally range from $700 to several thousand dollars. But if you want to enter the sock knitting machine at a more reasonable price, then the plastic version of the medium stitch sock knitting machine is a good choice (LK150).

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