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Do you know computerized socks knitting machine?

Its computer has a variety of functions. It can have up to 1 yarn loom (88 main feeders) and up to 6 main pattern feeders (up to 16 colors). With air feed or elastic stepper motor for easy feeding It can save up to 16 patterns and pictures of panel control pins.
Components of a computerized socks knitting machine
Computer machines have many different usage habits, and they also require regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine, which can be cleaned and used in a variety of ways.Fully computerized equipped with features including various USB storage for storage mode. Some of them are equipped with advanced automatic protection systems and protection devices for sensitive areas. They also feature an English mode displayed in , for , and a USB interface for easy data entry.
Another huge benefit of computerized machines is the gallery of simultaneous storage. This allows the user to change the pattern without it running the process. The protection parameters for safety and security are further improved. They are set by three-phase power. In addition, the main motor is the current density.
Another feature of the computer machine is the production of different types of socks and systems. They can be programmed to produce different sizes, design colors. The machine also features the first in-line detection that prevents various errors.
Components of a double-row needle knitting machine
Double needles have many parts. There are parts of the machine, the guide pin 20 and the control pin 2 are shown. The guide foot 20 controls the control unit 18 controlled by the control element, the axis which forms the curved foot of the foot 21 . Long set in three other steps, one of which is in the barrel.
Machines can use the impact of this product and protect the various environments required by various equipment. Tools and Parts. All system components are packaged for easy finding and use.
The driving force that is driven by the driving force represented above, and the driving force that drives the driving force in the direction of 113 or so, and the driving force that drives the force in the direction of 113 or so (42). Out of the position 6 indicating the direction of the board and the control board), the position mobile device 6 is located at the top of the position.
It can be installed and placed in several different positions on the bed. Their middle needles can be used to work in a non-working position on the front of the needle.
Install the moving end on this slide rail on the needle holder back and forth. A scale is also set on the needle holder on the needle holder, and its length is adjusted. And wider user experience, wider versatility.
The double spade needle machine has two and one plate needles shorter than the support plate supports.
Auto-linking socks knitting machine
1.The quality of the sock is in no way altered,as the device starts its action only after thesock has been totally knitted,therefore notchanging its features in any way.
2.The linking operation takes place at thesame time as the machine knits a new sock,therefore guaranteeing no waste of time andan uninterrupted production.
3.Using LCD and touch screen,you canchoose 10 different kinds of language,likeChinese,English,Russian,Farsi,Korean,Japanese and soon.
4.UPS power backup system
5.Programs are loaded through a uSB stick orthrough the network.
6.Using high sensitive sensor and automaticalarm system.

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