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Product category of computer socks machine

Classification of hosiery machines Hosiery machines can be classified according to the form of the needle bed, the type of knitting needles and the number of needle cylinders (beds). The flat hosiery machine has a relatively high machine size, and produces flat hosiery pieces whose widths are changed according to the shape of the feet and legs, and are stitched into seamed socks. The size range of the round hosiery machine is wide, and the production of tubular hosiery is to adapt to the shape of the foot by changing the coil size of each section, or using elastic yarn, or knitting to form the toe and heel of the sock. The toe of the tubular stocking is closed to form a seamless stocking. The production efficiency of the flat hosiery machine was low, and the round hosiery machine was widely used later. Socks machine structure The circular hosiery machine is mainly composed of a yarn feeding mechanism, a knitting mechanism, a needle selection mechanism, a control mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a density adjustment mechanism and a pulling mechanism. Some hosiery machines also have opening and folding mechanisms. The hosiery machine also has a transfer mechanism.

Automatic computerized coarser gauge socksknitting machine
Product Specification:
Single cylinder,6pcs electronic needle selection stations,plain and terry fabric,coarser gauge fabric
Cylinder 4.50inch
Number of Needles 56N-200N
Working speed 240-280 RPM for sock body / 200-220 RPM for sock heel
Air Consumption 0.05-0.07m3/MIN-SET
Air Pressure 0.6-0.7MPa
Voltage 380V(3-phase)/220V(2-phase)
Power Main motor 1Kw
Fan motor 0.75Kw
Computer 0.8Kw
weight Net 260kg
Gross 300kg
Volume (include normal yarn creel) 150*120*240cm
Package Size 90*75*160cm
(39 sets for a 40 container, 18 sets for a 20 container)

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