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What are the steps in the formation of socks?

1. The whole process of forming cotton socks
Cotton socks are molded goods. A complete sock is knitted by hand. The weaving method and process vary depending on the type of sock and the characteristics of the sock machine. There are roughly the following methods.
Three-step molding: knitting socks on a single-needle tube hosiery machine. The sock opening is carried out in the threading machine, and rubber band thread and spandex silk threading sock opening can also be lined. Then transfer the sock mouth to the needle tube of the sock machine through the thorn plate, and then hand-knit the hosiery body, sock heel, sock foot, structural reinforcement ring, sock toe, grip row and other sections. The sock blank with the head pulled apart. Afterwards, it is also stitched into cotton socks by sewing machines. Three kinds of equipment are needed to weave a cotton sock.
Two-step forming: hand-knit straight socks on a folding sock machine, which can automatically open and fold to produce flat-knit double-layer socks, and then hand-knit each section of the sock blank in sequence. Another kind of hosiery machine can be hand-knitted on the hosiery machine with flat stitch spacer rubber bands or artificial cuffs of spandex yarn. Other equipment can also weave single cuffs, double cuffs, etc., and then weave other sections by hand after weaving. These kinds of socks take off the machine very quickly and finally need to be stitched into socks by a sewing machine. Only two kinds of equipment are needed to weave a cotton sock. The double-needle tube hosiery machine has two needle tubes, upper and lower. The threaded sock opening and various parts of the sock blank can be hand-knitted on the hosiery machine, but the seam still needs to be done after the machine is off the machine at a very high speed. It also belongs to two-step molding.
One-step forming: transfer the sock opening to the needle tube through the thorn plate, which is called "sleeve opening", and suture the sock toe, which is called "sewing head". These two processes are labor-intensive, production efficiency is low, and raw materials are consumed at the same time. After technological innovation, a "single-program Plain Sock Knitting Machine" with a unique design style in my country has been developed in my country, so that the three technological processes of sock opening, sock knitting and seaming can be continuously produced on one hosiery machine.
2. Cotton socks production process flow: From raw materials entering the factory to cotton socks finished products, the factory also needs to go through many processes. When going through each process in turn, it must follow the methods and regulations, and carry out under the standard. All steps are Production process of cotton socks production. The production process of the hosiery factory must be formulated according to the characteristics of raw materials, the requirements of finished products, and common equipment. Better processing technology can reduce the production cycle and achieve the goals of high quality, increased production and low cost. Before the product is put into production, it mainly goes through several processes of test piece, duplicate sample, approval, and put into production. The production process of raw materials includes coloring first and then spinning, or spinning first and then coloring, and the processing technology is determined according to the status of products, materials and equipment. At present, most cotton stockings and elastic nylon stockings are dyed first and then spun, while solid-color cotton stockings and nylon stockings are dyed after spinning.

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