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How to use automatic socks knitting machine

The Ultimate Guide to Using Automatic Socks Knitting Machines
Preparing the Machine
Before using the automatic socks knitting machine, it is essential to prepare it correctly. First, ensure that the machine is clean and free from any debris or dirt. Next, check the needle bed for any damages or missing needles. It is important to have all the needles in the needle bed to avoid any errors in the knitting process. Then, make sure that the yarn carrier and tension adjuster are correctly installed and functioning correctly.

Setting up the Yarn
The yarn is a critical component of the knitting process. Ensure that you have the correct yarn for the machine. Yarns are available in different thicknesses, and using the wrong yarn can damage the machine. Thread the yarn through the yarn carrier, making sure that it is correctly placed in the tension adjuster. The yarn carrier should be adjusted to the right position to ensure that the yarn is fed smoothly into the machine.

Operating the Machine
Once the machine is prepared, and the yarn is set up, it is time to start knitting. Start the machine and feed the yarn into the machine. The machine will begin to knit, and the socks will start taking shape. It is essential to monitor the machine while it is knitting to avoid any errors or jams. Check the tension of the yarn regularly to ensure that it is consistent throughout the knitting process. Also, ensure that the socks are being knitted correctly and that there are no errors in the pattern.

Finishing the Socks
Once the socks are knitted, it is time to finish them. Cut the yarn and remove the socks from the machine. Check the socks for any errors or defects. Use a sewing machine or a hand needle to sew up any holes or gaps in the socks.

Automatic computerized five-toe socksknitting machine
Automatic computerized five-toe socksknitting machine
Technical Features
1.Maximum 6 colors in same course (include the main yarn)maximum 16 colors in one sock (include 3 colors of main yarn)
2.Using LCD and touch screen, you can choose 10 different languages like Chinese, English ,Russian,Farsi,Korean,Spanish,Japanese and so on

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