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How much do you know about Sock shoe knitting machines?

Sock shoe knitting machines are specialized machines used in the textile industry to manufacture socks and shoes. These machines automate the knitting process, reducing the time and labor required for the production of these products. The use of sock shoe knitting machines has increased in recent years, with many textile manufacturers incorporating these machines into their production processes.
Sock shoe knitting machines use a combination of mechanical and electronic components to knit socks and shoes. The machine is programmed to create a specific pattern, and the operator feeds the yarn into the machine. The machine then knits the yarn into the desired pattern using needles, and the finished product is collected at the end of the machine.
Sock shoe knitting machines can be adjusted to create different sizes and styles of socks and shoes, making them a versatile tool for the textile industry. The machines are also equipped with sensors that monitor the production process, ensuring that the finished products meet the required quality standards.

Automatic computerized sock shoe knittingmachine
Product Specification:
Single cylinder,6pcs electronic needle selection stations,shoe upper fabric
Cylinder:3.50inch , 3.75inch , 4inch
Number of Needles:56N-200N
Working speed:300-350 RPM for socks body/250-280 RPM for socks heel
Air Consumption 0.05-0.07m3/MIN-SET
Air Pressure:0.6-0.7MPa
Voltage 380V(3-phase)/220V(2-phase)
Power Main motor:1Kw
Fan motor:0.75Kw
weight Net:260kg
Volume (include normal yarn creel) 150*120*240cm
Package Size:90*75*160cm
(39 sets for a 40 container,18 sets for a 20 container)

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