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Double Cylinder Socks Knitting Machine

A double cylinder socks knitting machine is a specialized knitting machine that uses two cylinders to produce knitted socks. It offers certain advantages compared to single cylinder machines, including increased productivity and the ability to knit more complex sock designs. Here are some key aspects of double cylinder socks knitting machines:
Two Cylinders: The double cylinder socks knitting machine consists of two cylinders, often referred to as the main cylinder and the rib cylinder. These cylinders rotate independently and have separate sets of needles arranged in a circular or semi-circular pattern.
Main Cylinder: The main cylinder is responsible for knitting the main body of the sock. It holds the majority of the needles and creates the stitch pattern for the sock. The main cylinder operates similarly to a single cylinder machine, forming the basic structure and design of the sock.
Rib Cylinder: The rib cylinder, also known as the auxiliary cylinder, is used to create ribbed or elastic sections in the sock, typically found in the cuff, ankle, or arch areas. It has a separate set of needles that work in conjunction with the main cylinder to create the desired rib pattern. The rib cylinder adds stretch and elasticity to the sock.
Needle Selection and Activation: Both the main cylinder and rib cylinder have their own needle selection systems. The machine can selectively activate or deactivate individual needles on each cylinder, allowing for intricate stitch patterns, textures, and designs.
Sock Structure and Shaping: The use of Double Cylinder Socks Knitting Machine enables the production of socks with more complex structures and shaping. The machine can create reinforced heels, toes, and other specific areas by selectively activating needles on the main cylinder or utilizing specialized shaping mechanisms.
Yarn Feeding and Tensioning: Double cylinder socks knitting machines have yarn feeding mechanisms similar to single cylinder machines. Yarn is fed through the machine's guides and tensioning devices to ensure consistent and controlled yarn delivery to the needles on both cylinders.
Increased Productivity: Due to the use of two cylinders, double cylinder socks knitting machines generally offer higher productivity compared to single cylinder machines. They can knit both the main body and ribbed sections of the sock simultaneously, reducing production time and increasing output.
Design Flexibility: With two cylinders, these machines provide greater design flexibility, allowing for a wider range of patterns, textures, and color variations in the knitted socks. The combination of main cylinder and rib cylinder knitting enables more intricate and diverse sock designs.
Double cylinder socks knitting machines are widely used in the textile industry for the efficient and automated production of high-quality knitted socks. They are suitable for various sock types, including dress socks, athletic socks, and fashion socks, where intricate designs and structural variations are desired.

1. Drumless,fully automatic electronic control system.
2. Electro-pneumatic yam finger,bolt cam control.
3. Brushless motor with electronic drive
4. 6 yarn finger.
5. 4color yarns sequence-exchange knitting.
6. Various sensor for fault(Yarn,Inlet, Yarn cutting,Defected Needle,Selector cutting,Electric fault)
7. Automatic lubricant device.
8. Socks separation to button direction
9. Adjustment of socks quality by stepping motor.
10."Yform of heel part.

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