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The development trend of my country's knitting machinery industry

The global knitting machinery industry is showing a development trend of shifting to Asian countries dominated by my country. The high-tech content of knitting machinery products has long been monopolized by a few well-known foreign brand manufacturers, and the high prices have hindered the renewal of the production equipment of knitting enterprises in Asian countries, mainly in my country.
In recent years, a small number of domestic enterprises have developed cost-effective knitting machinery products through independent innovation of research and development capabilities and technological breakthroughs, which has greatly promoted the upgrading of production equipment in the knitting industry in my country and neighboring Asian countries, making the knitting industry in this region competitiveness has been significantly improved. In addition, Asian countries have abundant labor resources and knitting raw material resources, and the knitting industry has shown a trend of gradual transfer to Asia.
"2011-2015 China Knitting Machinery Industry Operation Situation and Market Research Report"
Extensive market demand, gradual improvement in technical strength, abundant labor resources, and low raw material costs have jointly determined that the knitting machinery industry will move to Asian countries dominated by my country as the knitting industry shifts.

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